Edwin Jagger IETSBbb - Best Badger Travel Brush - Ebony

Edwin Jagger IETSBbb - Best Badger Travel Brush - Ebony

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  • Best badger hairs
  • Soft, even lathering 
  • Handmade
  • Compact, travel-fit form
  • Imitation ebony handle

Edwin Jagger produces its range of fine men's grooming products out of Sheffield, a city generations of skilled craftsmen have proudly called home. It is their noble and honest vocation which Edwin Jagger aims to embody and preserve.

Carefully selected badger hairs are hand-fitted into the sturdy faux-ebony handle, resulting in a fine-looking brush that will accompany you every morning for years and years to come. Despite the smaller form factor, it whips up some great lather. 

Comes with a same-color top to keep the brush safe and snug as you roam the world.

Overall height: 3.15 inches; Handle height: 1.4 inches
Handle diameter: 1.18 inches; Knot size: 0.74 inches

Made in England