Omega 0146735 - Barberpole Shaving Hi- Brush

Omega 0146735 - Barberpole Shaving Hi- Brush

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Ever wish you could have the tools and convenience of a barber in your very hand? Now you can. Literally. This classic synthetic brush with its barber shop designed handle with its reds, whites, and blues makes for a great collector's item. Make your barber shop, bathroom, or shaving showcase complete with this eye-catching (and functional) synthetic brush from Omega. Its fibres are extremely soft and very close to natural hair in feel and functionality, making for a high quality foam/lather. Possess the power of a barber shop in the palm of your hand!

Height: 112mm

Loft: 58mm

Base: 53mm

Knot: 25mm

(Dimensions are approximations).

Made in Italy